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30-Day TikTok Challenge

by Kiki Wong

30-Day TikTok Challenge

30 TikTok Videos in 30 Days…Yes you CAN!

Learn from the pros how to use TikTok to leverage your brand’s social media appearance, build an engaged audience, and grow your business.

Stuck at home with nothing to do?

It’s a great time to master TikTok!

  • WIth over 500 million active users worldwide, over 1.5 BILLION downloads, and an average time on app of 54 minutes, TikTok has a highly engaged audience that your business can’t wait any longer to get in front of.
  • Each day, we’ll be sharing valuable tips on how to shoot and edit videos, when to post, and best practices in our exclusive Facebook Group with over 10,000 social media influencers.
  • There will also be a daily TikTok thread where you can share and promote your latest TikTok masterpiece!

30-Day TikTok Challenge  Hosts and Content

Hosted by:


Kaila Yu

Kiki Wong

We’ll be going LIVE in our Social Media Influencers – TikTok & Brand Deals Facebook group bringing you all the best professional tips on how to grow your TikTok audience and account.  We’ll be discussing exclusive inside tips on how to film your videos, posting best practices, and more! 

“What an AMAZING and fun challenge! I grew over 10k followers by doing the 30 day challenge and implementing everything I learned from the daily lives! Thanks again!”

-Mona Corona | Handle: @monacorona

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