30-Day TikTok Live Challenge

The Challenge is simple, commit to going live on TikTok a minimum of once a week for at least an hour for the next month.  You can choose to give live weekly more often that, it’s totally up to you.

Looking to catapult your TikTok engagement?

It's a great time to master TikTok Live!

  • Go live on TikTok at least once a week to help improve your engagement and build a strong community.
  • Try to go live at least one hour straight. TikTok wants you on the platform as long as possible, so we found this to be the "sweet spot" for time spent on each TikTok live session!
  • ***PLEASE NOTE: You need at least 1,000 followers to go LIVE on TikTok and participate in the challenge.***

30-Day TikTok Live Challenge  

Hosts and Content

Hosted by:

Kaila Yu

Kiki Wong

 Many of us have a hard time committing to going live, so this challenge will help to keep us accountable. Also, many creators have used going Live on TikTok to monetize and supercharge their video views and followers!

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“What an AMAZING and fun challenge! I grew over 10k followers by doing the 30-Day TikTok Challenge and implementing everything I learned from the daily lives! Thanks again!"

-Mona Corona | Handle: @monacorona

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