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7 Best Eye Massagers

by nylonpink

One way to introduce a little luxury and promote good health in your life is to get yourself an eye massager. These are great ways to improve your blood flow and also improve your circulation.

You might also be able to get rid of some headaches and pressure that get into your head. This article seeks to show you the greatest eye massagers you can ask for, and also inform you of their great features so you can experience the great relief for yourself.

An eye massager is a machine that helps in the reduction of pain in the head and eyes, improves the health of the skin, and massages your face. It feels good and is good for you.

Eye massagers make use of heat and vibrations to help lower your pain and open up the pores so you can properly wash and hydrate your face.

Eye massagers are great for reducing the pain that comes with headaches, massaging various areas on your face like the temples to calm you and lead you to a state of relief. By massaging the skin, they aid in the reduction of wrinkles and fine lines.

They help slow aging. You might even be able to integrate the use of your favorite eye creams and use the massager to get them in to your skin even deeper.

Many of us work on computers all day and an eye massager can help with eye strain, too. So, curious about the best products? Read on!


Aurai Water Eye Massager

This is without a doubt the greatest of the greats. This is like having a personal massage therapist right inside your home who specializes in your eyes.

Aurai is the first water-propelled eye massager. It has cool and warm compresses, and these stimulate the circulation in your head and relax those muscles around the eyes.

This product has a convenient carry case so it can go anywhere with you and believe us, you will want this nearby wherever you go.

This is also a product which passed certification by the FDA and won the Good Design award. After all, the design is pretty slick, but the functionality is stellar. The cool and warm massage feature is probably our absolute favorite.

The warm compress calms your eye strain and gets rid of dry eye discomfort but also improves the quality of your sleep. The cool compress gets rid of dark circles and fine lines, as well as puffiness.

This is all done with the healing properties of water: circulation is utilized along with waves to relax muscles around the eyes. The soft, medical-grade silicone will mold right to your unique face shape, for a comfortable and custom experience. 

We instantly realized this was the greatest when we saw the versatility of the eye massager. Cold AND warm? Medical-grade silicone AND a nice carry case? It is the perfect combination of functionality, form, and of course relief. Best of all the therapy lasts only six minutes-what a short time to get you to a place of comfort.

Breo iSee4 Electric Eye Massager

With three different levels of care to choose from with this eye massager, and a soft fabric hypoallergenic cover, we feel this one is like getting a hug for your eyes.

Your eyes feel cared for and youthful when you finally take this mask off after treatment

The eye massager is great for both men and women, the elastic strap which goes on the back does a great job of fitting a variety of head sizes. You can also fold this down, so it is easy to carry around the eye massager when not in use or traveling.

Using infrared heat, the surface blood flow is increased, and the skin is softened, relaxing the eyes in the process. Microprocessor-controlled air pressure, vibration, and heat compress technology, plus point massage, are all used to press and knead the temple area located near the eyes.

This great little massager is amazing at helping with your circulation, stress reduction, and helping you get some sleep. It is also great at relieving dry eyes. By making use of a warm compress routine plus ocular massage, tear production and eye moisture can be increased.

We just loved how inviting the product looks, is described, and feels. This is a product that is ergonomic in its design, fits all people who try it on, and even uses shiatsu technique to bring you relief. You can also set its timer for 10, 15 or 20 minutes, whatever suits you-and simply enjoy the sweet relief that comes with it.

Osito Electric Eye Massager

Talk about innovation! This particular eye massager does something we don’t see too often with these types of devices: It makes use of air pressure.

Sure, there’s nothing wrong with that. But it is unique and is really worth a try. We will show you how, let’s take a look at the great features of this comfortable eye massager.

So firstly, the air pressure combines with suitable heating around the eyebrow, cheekbone, and orbit bone area to get that headache, eye strain, and puffiness gone. Small and gentle vibrations are used to also bring you relief and refreshment.

Another great thing is that you can download your favorite tunes and play them while you listen. Resist the temptation to enjoy the latest pop, rock or rap hits-try to find some nice relaxing music that will help you as you massage away the stress of the day.

This eye massager is totally wireless and absolutely comfortable for you to wear. You will love the gentle vibration as it passes over your eyes, it feels like the most gentle massage therapist is caring for you. One thing we did not like about this is that the time for the massage is fifteen minutes. Some of us may need more or less time depending on our own needs.

All in all, this is a product that we think everybody will enjoy, especially the techies in one’s life that could use a little relief. This one combines some great technology with superb features-the ability to listen to one’s own music is cool-to bring you some comfort.

SereneLife Stress Therapy Eye Massager

Need a quality eye massager that packs in all the features you desire in a device like this? You found your guy right here!

This digital eye massager system is equipped with 5 preset massage modes that you can select in accordance with your own needs. Whether you are stressed out only a little or really stressing a LOT, the relief you need is just a few button taps away.

This eye massager is portable and uses that cool air compression tech to get that eye strain gone. The vibrations are also utilized as a means of getting eye muscle pain out of the picture, too. And the fact that you can fold up these and take them with you with the included carry case is a wonderful feature. After all travel is fun but can be stressful!

Another bonus is the ability to listen to your very own music while you relax away the stress. Like the Osito model we examined, this is a great feature as music really can be a healing tool. If you happen to fall asleep as you listen the auto shut-off feature is just perfect to make sure that your sleep is sound and undisturbed.

Another great feature is the elastic band which is adjustable to fit everybody everywhere. No matter your face shape, the band is comfortable and will make sure you get to enjoy the device.

In closing, we believe this is the coolest eye massager we’ve seen in a while-it makes use of all the latest and greatest tech and delivers a customized experience like no other.

Bromose Wireless Folding Eye Massager

Here we have a no-nonsense eye massager that will no doubt get you the relief you desire from busy days and stressful situations. This features five different modes altogether. It makes use of that cool air-pressure tech, and also provides you a nice, gentle acupuncture-point massage. This makes use of Bluetooth so you can listen to your favorite relaxing music while you indulge in this treatment.

You charge this device by way of a USB charger, and the air-bags inside fill and deflate as a means of massaging your eyes. (Rest assured, however, that your eyeballs will not be crushed!)

 This really does a great job of squeezing the temples and making use of the acupuncture points near the eyes. This one hits your sibai points, sinuses, and the temple.

The heat is nice and gentle, and not too hot. The differing modes on this particular device are pretty amazing. Our favorite was the sleep mode feature, after all, many users will be putting this on right after they get into bed after a long and stressful day. You can also use the included carry case to transport your massager with you wherever you travel.

In sum, this is a great massager for people who want a nice, fifteen-minute massage to make their eyes and face feel healthy and revitalized, without the need for as many “bells and whistles” as some other products.

Clarisonic Awakening Eye Massager

This is arguably the most different eye massager you will ever encounter on this entire list as it is not a wearable one. However, we know the Clarisonic brand as one of quality and great care, so we knew it had to be featured. After all it is the #1 brand that dermatologists in the USA recommend!

This massager uses cooling technology to cool you down by about 6 degrees F. You can absolutely get rid of puffy eyes in just one week, states the product description. And you can even put the applicator inside your refrigerator to enhance the cooling functionality of this device.

The product description has a great picture showing what this product can do, so check it out! The photo shows reduced puffiness around the eyes, as well as crow’s feet and fine lines smoothed out in just 8 weeks. Also, in that short period of time, the skin felt firmer around the eye’s contours.

You can also make use of your favorite eye cream with this massager to get it really worked into your skin. The intensity of the massager can be adjusted to fit your needs, and there is even a Gentle Mode if you prefer that over a more intense experience. 

And keeping this device clean is a cinch, just wash with liquid soap and water, rinse, and then pat dry.

In closing, this is the massager if you don’t mind something you cannot wear, but still gives you the results you want.

Pretty See Eye Massager Wand

Here we go with an eye massager that works but is not wearable. Like the Clarisonic, this is one that you hold in your hand and make use of. It still does a really nice job, however.

There are two optional settings: cool and warm. The heat helps soothe your sore muscles, while the cool setting is great for reducing puffiness and dark circles. This massages your skin and also helps tighten it as a means of reducing wrinkles you may be encountering.

This particular massager might be a nice one to buy in conjunction with a wearable device if you are traveling but short on bag space. This massager is no more than the size of a makeup brush, so you could tuck this away very easily and take it along.

All in all, this is a great massager to use right before you go to bed as it really promotes relaxation and aids in good skin health. It’s perfect for those who want an eye massager but just need one that does the basics! You can also use your favorite lotions and skin creams, and this massager will help you get them absorbed faster.

An eye massager is a great tool to help you feel relief from headaches, promotes youthfulness, and feel rejuvenated. Use our list to help you choose the best one for you!

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