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We are Nylon Pink and we want to share our love for traveling the world and exploring all the beauty and customs of other cultures. We are a team of three writers (Kaila, Kiki and Katt) and we used to be a rock band! Find out a little more about each of us at the bottom of this post

We are authors of the best selling book "30-Day Travel Challenge: How to Make Your Travel Dreams a Reality"

30 Day Travel Challenge

All three of us girls lead a pretty unusual life and we just want to share our tips on how to live life like a rockstar! What 'living life like a rockstar' means to us is shedding the safety and comfort of needing to live a conventional life (BORING!) and getting out there and living out your wildest dreams!

While touring all over the world in a band for 7 years, we all caught the travel bug. We've toured for over a month in a shitty van while sleeping at the worst motels and stayed at 5 star luxury accommodations while playing in Asia. We love luxury travel but we also have no problem roughing it when necessary!

The band no longer exists but we are still passionate about sharing our desire to travel and see every corner of the world. 

In Shanghai playing for the Havaianas premiere event

Traveling with the Band

We ha​d a pretty fulfilling run as a band. We had the opportunity to play at venues all around the world. Some of our favorite highlights include: opening for Marilyn Mason at the Sunset Strip Music Festival, our residency at the Hard Rock Macau and Penang, and Kiki playing drums for Taylor Swift at The MTV Movie Awards and then playing guitar in Usher's band. There are really too many life changing experiences to list!

After touring and traveling with the band, each of us realized that travel was now part of our DNA and we were determined to make it part of our permanent lifestyles. We are excited every day to document our adventures, share our findings and inspire others to live a rockstar life also!

Nylon Pink is a travel &lifestyle magazine in search of the best beauty tips, spas and travel destinations around the world. We are committed to sharing all things about travel, beauty, lifestyle and women's empowerment. Our articles are highly researched and written with an in-depth knowledge of the best practices of skincare and makeup around the world. 

Kiki Wongo

PERSONAL BLOG: https://www.kikiwongo.com

SKIN TYPE: Combination, very oily forehead, dry cheeks and super dry nose due to allergies

SENSITIVITY: Sensitive, not acne prone but allergic and tends to break in hives.

SHADE: Light, yellowish undertones

CONCERNS: Not so much acne breakouts but sensitivity breakouts like hives or allergic reactions. Redness around nose and dry flaky skin from using tissues. I prefer the Korean style makeup, lighter skin, lots of SPF.


I haven’t always been a huge fan of Korean beauty. Growing up in a predominantly white community as an Asian American, I was used to the tan/bleach blonde look being very trendy. However, it just didn’t really work out for me and I never felt like it fit my looks. Eventually, after joining Nylon Pink and traveling to Asia, I discovered the intrigue of Korean Beauty products, and fell in love! Not only has it become routine, but it also became an obsession!

Katt Lee

TYPE: Combination, I've generally have had combination skin most of my life due to the environment and hormones.When it's autumn/winter I normally have dry skin but during the spring/summer time my skin tends to be super oily. This is the reason why I have to constantly change my skin care regime which can be very expensive and pretty annoying.


Korean beauty has always been a huge part of my life especially growing up with a Korean mother. In terms of skin care and make up Korea has been a major influence on what is next in this industry. Many times there are make up products that do not go well with my skin tone nor my skin type, and trust me I have searched! But after the surge of Korean products my questions have been answered! What I respect about these products are that it does not irritate nor harm myskin, rather it enriches and moisturizers at the same time. I've going through it all; acne-check, dry skin-check, damaged skin- check, oily skin-check.... I've tried every skin care routine you can possibly think of, and there has only been a few products that's actually work!

I've also learned it's extremely important to drink a ton of water and understand what types of foods you need to include in your diet if you want your skin on point. Like I said earlier, it's essential to understand your environment but it's just as important to eat right and exercise daily. When you're in your late teens to early 20's your body tends to discreet oil which makes your skin oiler but when you hit your early to mid 30's women are more prone to wrinkles and therefore need to moisturize! When you start taking care of your skin now, you have less to worry about later down the line:)

Kaila Yu

PERSONAL BLOG: http://www.kailayu.com

SKIN TYPE: Combination, Super Oily T-Zone

SENSITIVITY: Not at all sensitive but acne prone.

SHADE: Light, yellowish undertones. I'm a California girl at heart though, I love myself a good spray tan.

CONCERNS: Aging! I am in my latter 30's and I want to keep my skin in optimal condition. I have huge pores and not the greatest skin. 


I am new to Korean Beauty, just having discovered it about two years ago. I never really gave a care to skincare in the past, but as I've gotten older, it's become my main beauty concern!

I've been really terrible about skincare in the past, slept in my makeup, popped pimples, etc. Growing up I didn't believe in beauty products, I thought that it was all marketing and that none of the products really helped your skin. Nothing short of plastic surgery would make a noticeable difference!

I'm glad to have discovered K-beauty because I noticed a difference immediately upon using some of the products!​ I am now obsessed with finding my perfect beauty routine and nurturing my skin.

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