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by nylonpink


Desiree Omapoy June 15, 2017 - 11:49 am


We are helping major US and global brands find new affiliates.
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If you are interested in earning incremental revenues from your web site through affiliate relationships with famous brands, please send us an email to affiliates@exdigita.com with:

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Thank you,

ExDigita Inc.

Deborah Baker August 27, 2018 - 8:48 pm

Hi over 25 years ago I had my eyebrows tattooed on because For some reason my hairs fell out just my eyebrows though and the same thing happened to my sister. This is before microblading and they actually lasted a long time !! She was a cosmotaligst and I was really happy not having to draw those thing’s on again because sometimes I had to redo them. A few years ago I saw an article on microblading and had it done by someone who teaches it and has her own salon. Went back a year later because that’s what she recommended and had the matience done but for some reason the right one faded so I went back the next year and asked her to make them darker hoping it would work. It didn’t the right one would not take and I did EVERYTHING she told me to do because having that done is DEFINITELY NOT CHEAP !! I told her I didn’t want to pay the full price of matience If it’s not going to work. So she did it again and said if it Dosen’t work this time I should see a Dermatologist because it has to be my skin and not her fault. So I asked why did the left one take if something is wrong with my skin ?? Now I have to follow the faint color that is still there and just kinda go over the left one so they match. I am NOT HAPPY !! could you please tell me what can be done if anything ? Because drawing it on is VERY FRUSTRATING !! half the time they don’t match and I’m sorry I wasted all that money !! Thankyou Debby Baker.

nylonpink September 4, 2018 - 5:45 pm

Hi! Could you check with another microblading artist for a consultation to see if your technician is telling you the truth?

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