Home Travel [GIVEAWAY] Win a Box of Sustainable Seafood from @WildAlaskanCo (Value: $131)

[GIVEAWAY] Win a Box of Sustainable Seafood from @WildAlaskanCo (Value: $131)

by nylonpink

Eat healthy and delicious fish every single day of the week with our next giveaway, a big box of wild-caught seafood from Wild Alaskan Seafood!

Just received my own box of Wild Alaskan Seafood and already started cooking with it.

You can also feel good about yourself when eating the delicious fish from Wild Alaskan Company, when you subscribe, you join a community-supported collective that is helping sustain wild fisheries which are better for the environment than farmed fish.

91% of the fish in the US is brought in from overseas, when we have locally sourced seafood from Alaska

Here’s what I got two portions of each of these seafoods:

  • scallops
  • wild halibut
  • wild cod
  • coho salmon
  • sockeye salmon

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