How to Edit TikToks in IMovie

I prefer to edit my videos outside of TikTok.

Here's how I edit my TikTok movies in iMovie.

Open iMovie and upload your video clips. 

Rotate the click so that it will be in the vertical format for tiktok. Just put your two fingers on the screen and move it in the direction that you want to edit the video in, pinch and twist.

Watch this basic editing tutorial for iMovie

How to Add Sound

If you want to edit your video to match a particular song on TikTok, here's how to do it. 

Open up TikTok and click the plus button

Next click on "Sounds" on the top of the scree

On the next screen choose a song that you like by clicking on the red checkmark

(Also if you want to save a song for later, for it to be easily found, save it to your favorites by clicking on the little flag)

Next press the record button and record it all the way through to the end of the song. I recommend choosing half speed (0.5x) if you want to record a dance or lip sync, it's so much easier to choose it at half speed and then speed it up later in editing.

Click through to the publishing screen and choose "Private"

Then click "Post" to publish the video and save the video to your phone

Your video will now pop up in your feed. Click on the three dots aka ellipses and save the video to your phone

Now open up iMovie and find the video that you downloaded. Click on the three dots aka ellipses

Select this sound icon to import sound only. 

Uploading to TikTok

Once you've finished editing the video, save it to your phone and we're going to upload it into TikTok. Once you've uploaded the video, just click the button in the lower right hand corner to 

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