HOW TO Post TikTok Captions the RIGHT Way

Have you ever posted captions and they just don't show on your TikTok videos? Download this free printable to help you keep your captions in line!

Even after using TikTok nonstop posting multiple times every single day, we STILL make mistakes at placing captions.

While posting vital caption text on TikTok, you can run into the following issues:

  • Captions get cut off the edges
  • Captions are covered by the right hand like, comment, and share buttons
  • Captions are covered by, ironically, your main caption

A printable frame that shows exactly where to post your text in tiktok

We've created a free downloadable guide for your iPhone so you never make these caption mistakes again! No more ugly videos on your feed! 

Print and place over your phone

This printable is the fast and surefire way to make your captions pop on your videos properly. Just print it, place it over your phone, and you'll have all the guidelines you need while placing your captions!

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Kaila and Kiki

Award winning travel writers, social media experts and ex-band mates who toured the world and discovered their love for storytelling. As official TikTok Content Creators, we give resources, tools, and tips to help you create thriving TikTok content.

Download it NOW!

Get your free TikTok Caption Guide Printable and start making better quality TikTok videos!

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