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The 30 Day Travel Challenge – How to make your travel dreams a reality!

by nylonpink
30 Day Travel Challenge

We are so excited to publish our first book: 30 Day Travel Challenge: How to Make Your Travel Dreams a Reality. It’s been an all encompassing project for the past year and we are so excited that we finally brought it to the finish line.

The book is all about helping YOU to get out there and live out your best travel life! We teach you how to work around beliefs that traveling is too expensive or that you don’t have the time to travel. After 30 days, you will have planned a dream getaway for this year!

We are also so excited to announce that our book hit best-seller status in the first week!

We’ve also started a 30-Day Travel Challenge Facebook Group. Feel free to join if you are looking for more support around your own 30-Day Travel Challenge. You don’t need to have purchased the book to join the challenge!

The 30-Day Travel Challenge

  1. Commit

  2. Journal

  3. Meditate

  4. Uncover limiting beliefs

  5. Decide where to go

  6. Be a local tourist

  7. Rest

  8. Read travel book

  9. Watch travel movie

  10. Join travel community

  11. Start travel fund

  12. Attend travel conference

  13. Connect with traveler

  14. Rest

  15. Research

  16. Make Budget

  17. Kickstart travel fund

  18. Set goals

  19. Travel hack

  20. Travel credit card

  21. Rest

  22. Make bucket list

  23. Explore vagabonding

  24. Brainstorm

  25. Alternative accommodations

  26. Find cheap flights

  27. Explore travel as a career

  28. Reflection

  29. Plan weekend getaway

  30. Create a vision board

30 Day Travel Challenge30 Day Travel Challenge

Scientific studies have proven that traveling makes us happier, that is so important to invest our money in experiences instead of in things.

Yet 705 million vacation days were wasted by Americans in 2017 even though more Americans than ever hold a passport

We would love to share with you why traveling needs to be a priority starting NOW!

The 4 Reasons that Travel Will Make You Happier

1. Traveling is good for your mental and physical health which are essential elements of happiness.

2. How it improves your relationships and deepens life satisfaction.

3. Travel increases your confidence

4. Lastly, travel teaches us compassion and understanding- such an important quality in these tumultuous times.

  • Finally, we’ll dispell the common beliefs such as“I don’t have time to travel”, “I can’t afford to travel”, “I’m scared to travel”.

National Bucket List Day

We’ve also launched a new holiday, National Bucket List Day. Join us as we celebrate why you need to start living out your bucket list dreams now, instead of waiting until the end of your life!

National Bucket List Day30 Day Travel Challenge

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