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How often do you get an opportunity to be amongst the first to master a new social media platform?

The opportunity is still available to be an early adopter on TikTok. But it won’t be available for too much longer.

Imagine if you jumped on Instagram and grew your account from DAY ONE? 

These days, budgets on Instagram for sponsored post campaigns have shrunk significantly due to over-saturation of influencers and people buying followers and engagement.

But brand campaigns are GROWING on TikTok! As brands are trying to figure out this new, extremely powerful platform, they are spending BIG dollars on sponsored post campaigns in the same way that they used to in the golden era of Instagram.

The golden era of Instagram is now over. We don’t think that it will ever come back

Meanwhile, our readers and growing their TikTok accounts of the tens of thousands. Some of them have accomplished this in just 30 days!

So have we….we’ve studied the platform day in and out and are totally OBSESSED.

Who We Are

Kaila and Kiki

Your TikTok Obsessed Experts

We are Kaila and Kiki, and we launched 4 brand new TikTok accounts from scratch during quarantine. They’ve each grown to tens of thousands of followers, with viral videos with millions of views, and are continuing to grow rapidly

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