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Top 10 Ways to Pamper and Adore your Cat

by nylonpink
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Your kitties deserve all the love in the world! Here are the top 10 ways that you can pamper and adore your kitties so that they have the best life ever and treat your to endless purrs!!

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My cat Kitty has already participated in the Purina ONE® 28-Day Challenge back in February and now it’s just a part of her regular life! I love it because she’s become playful again and I bring out the feather toy for her daily now. Currently, she is eating Purina ONE® Tender Selects with Real Salmon in the 7lb pag.

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For those of you who are new to the blog, I have two kitties: Kitty and Hammy. Kitty is eight years old, going on nine and Hammy is just three years old. Kitty mostly hisses at Hammy when I’m in the room (she wants all the attention for herself), but since kitty has been eating Purina ONE®, I sometimes catch her secretly playing with Hammy when she thinks that they are alone! She’s now an energized Kitty, which means that she is happier overall. This is probably because Purina ONE® featured balanced and complete nutrition and high-quality ingredients with 0% fillers and 100% nutrition

If you want happy cats, try the Purina ONE® 28-Day Challenge with your kitties too. They’ll love you for it! Kitty is always SO excited when it’s mealtime now. Sometimes it’s actually kind of annoying because she’ll even beg me for Purina ONE® in between mealtimes. It’s probably because it tastes so delicious and it’s #1 ingredient* is real meat! (*excluding UT Health Formula) It’s hard to resist treating her because I love to pamper my kitties!

Give your pet the high-quality ingredients that help them reach their lifelong potential! With Purina ONE®, you could see visible differences in just 28 days–like strong teeth, vibrant energy, sparkling eyes, and a radiant coat. Make the switch today and save $3 on Purina ONE® when you register for the 28-Day Challenge at www.Walmart.com/PurinaONE. What differences will you see? Visit your local Walmart to redeem your offer and realize your pet’s potential.

Purina One - 28 Day ChallengePurina One - 28 Day Challenge

 Save $3 on one (1) 2.8-lb. or larger bag of Purina ONE® SmartBlend® dry dog food, any variety, or 2.8-lb. or larger bag of Purina ONE® dry cat food, any variety. Limit one per individual, household or e-mail address. While supplies last.

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Here are the Top 10 Ways to Pamper your Cat

1. Say I love you

Kitties need to hear it too! It’s so important to shower your kitty with love and tell her that you love her to bits and pieces. It’s been proven in different studies that when you say “I love you” to even plants and glasses of water, they are positive effects. Make sure to squeeze your kitty and tell her that you love her every single day

2. Lots of Playtime!

Many of us owners can get so caught up in our hectic lives that our little kitties might get slightly neglected. Make sure to carve out a bit of time a day, (everyone can spare at least 15 minutes daily!), to treat your cat to some much needed one on one playtime. I also like to have a couple automated laser toys and cat toys so that they can have extra playtime a day.

Purina One - 28 Day Challenge- How to Pamper your Cat


3. Build him a condo

Cats absolutely love having a variety of options in which to hide, sleep, and play. Find an epic kitty condo for your kitties, or even a little one, so that they can have their very own little castle!​

Cat Tower

4. Daily Pets

There’s nothing my kitties love more than a good massage/petting session. Both my kitties have their favorite spots. Kitty loves under her neck and little Hammy loves a rough ear massage. Find out what your kitty loves and treat her to a daily massage!

5. Food that they Love

Make sure to feed your kitties food that they love. As you know, I am feeding them Purina ONE® on a regular basis after taking the Purina ONE® 28-Day Challenge! Mealtime is one of the highlights of your pets’ days so make sure to feed them food that nourishes them and makes them excited!

6. Catnip Time!

Treat your kitties to catnip! I have a friend that deprives her kitty of catnip, I have no idea why? I’ve researched and found that daily catnip treats are not harmful to your pets. Sometimes Hammy will sit and stare at the cabinet where the catnip is stored and beg for a treat. It’s so much fun to see them roll around in it and get so happy! I wish I could take some catnip myself too 😛

Purina One - 28 Day Challenge 3

7. Cat TV time!

OMG but I am kind of obsessed with cat tv, which I discovered on Youtube. It’s literally just hours long video of closeup shots of birds and squirrels. Hammy gets all flustered and fill watch for hours. Just search Cat TV on Youtube to find it!

8. Make a Kitty Bed

Besides just purchasing a special kitty bed for each of your kitties, make it special by adding catnip, their favorite toy, and my cats especially like having their scratching post nearby so they can use it as soon as they wakeup.

9. Plenty of cuddles

Give your kitty plenty of cuddles. You are probably already doing this quite naturally but even if your kitty squirms when you give her a big hug, she secretly loves it! (at least that’s what I tell myself)

10. Get a Kitty Fountain

Cats much prefer in running water as opposed to still water. Invest in a nice little kitty fountain so that they can enjoy freshwater anytime of the day! (Plus it adds a meditative soothing sound to the house!)





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