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Upgrading my Airbnb Rental with Photowall

by nylonpink

I just started Airbnb-ing my guest bedroom in December and it has been a really rewarding experience. I was definitely leery of the idea at first, having strangers staying at my place but I have fallen in love with the community! I’ve met some amazing people here in Los Angeles and haven’t had a bad experience yet. (knock on wood!)

The only thing that I am sad about is that I cannot host any guests until the quarantine is over so I am hiatus at the moment. I did however get an exciting email the other day about the fact that I have now achieved superhost status with a 4.9 rating!

One positive of this additional free time that I have at home is that I have ample time to upgrade my guest bedroom. Since it is usually fully booked, it would’ve been hard for me to find time to redo the room otherwise. I was really excited to partner up with Photowall to choose the best wallpaper for the room.

My goal is to attract female guests to stay via Airbnb, so I want the room to look super girly and be extremely over the top and Instagrammable. I definitely wanted it to stand out from every other basic bedroom on Airbnb. 

What I was especially impressed with is the fact that the company is based all the way in Sweden but arrived within days of my order.

You can select from wallpapers, posters, and canvas prints. Photowall works with 100 designers from around the world to create the different wallpaper designs. They were literally so many selections that were stunning that I couldn’t go through all of them. 

Here’s the gorgeous design that I chose

At the moment, I am quarantining alone and can’t put up the wallpaper by myself but I can’t wait to show you the results after quarantine is over! I plan on ordering a neon pink sign that says “California Dreaming” and make it a really memorable stay for my Airbnb guests.

I have a discount code available for readers for 25% off your order. It’s good until May 8th 2020, just use: kailayu2021

Visit Photowall here

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