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Why Cotz Sunscreen Is the Best Tinted Sunscreen for Your Face

by nylonpink
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We recently traveled to Peru, which involved tons of outdoor activities and hiking and we were excited to bring our new COTZ sunscreen products with us on the journey!  When hiking Machu Picchu, we didn’t want to wear a ton of makeup on our faces, so we loved the fact that we had the COTZ Natural Tint Sunscreen to take with us on the journey.

I love feeling the sun on my face during my travels COTZ sunscreen allows me to feel well protected while outdoors!

The Best Mineral Sunscreen for your Face

Too many times, you have purchased a well-known brand of sunscreen.  Many worked well enough for your arms and legs but left a great deal to be desired when used on your face.  Some were too greasy. Others had a strong smell and still others irritated the skin. The right sunscreen was essential to your skincare needs and  the question was always – Why is it so hard to find a good sunscreen?

Some of the difficulty might be a belief in those new products that come out every year. As much as science would like us to believe that its products are better, consumers always seem to circle back to natural ingredients. CoTZ Sunscreen products use one of the best natural protectors from UVA and UVB rays making it an effective and safe sunscreens on the market today.

Besides the simple fact you want to enjoy a few days stocking up on vitamin D the natural way, there is also the hype and fear about what the sun can do to your skin later in life.  No one wants to look like a prune when they get older and skin cancer is always in the news. According to CDC records, skin cancer rates have doubled over the last 30 years. Sunscreen is reported to be one of the most best ways to prevent skin cancer if it is used regularly and correctly.  Yet, even experts disagree about the safety and effectiveness of the more than 1000 products available. Seems to be a no-win situation for those who want to enjoy a beautiful sunny day from something more than their window. What are you supposed to look for if all you want is a quality sunscreen that is both effective and safe?

Best Mineral Sunscreen For Your Face Cotz Machu Picchu

Here are just a few reason why CoTZ produces the best  mineral sunscreen for the face.

Naturally Occurring  – FDA Approved

Before anything goes on your face or skin, a quick look at the label will tell you what is in the product.  CoTZ Sunscreen offer ten products to meet the needs of its customers. Most often the two active ingredients are zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. Both are naturally occurring substance that have been used for treating skin conditions since the early Roman Empire. A basic white powder, both minerals  block UVA and UVB rays and provides the broadest spectrum protection approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

It’s Gentle on your Skin

Even if CoTZ has a product that is effective, there is always the need to be gentle when applying anything to your face.  Zinc oxide is considered non-irritating and hypoallergenic. The minerals will not clog pores and as such do not aggravate or cause acne. Gentle enough for a baby’s bottom is not just a phrase but the truth for this sunscreen. Its main ingredient is commonly found in calamine lotion, diaper cream and baby powder.

Sun Protection Factor (SPF)

So, it is effective and gentle, what about SPF?  As you already know, sunscreen is rated according to its ability to block damaging UV rays.  The higher the number the better it filters out damaging light. CoTZ has a line of products that includes SPF values of 30, 40, 45, 50 and 58. You can choose the best product for the circumstances while still protecting your delicate skin from damage.

Sheer and Non-Greasy

Still a skeptic? Do you feel this has to be too good to be true.  There has to be something wrong with this creme, right? Maybe it smells like a medicine cabinet or feels like you just rubbed a stick of butter on your skin.   Nothing could be farther from the truth in this case. CoTZ produces all of their products with no added oils, chemical additive, preservatives or fragrances. It is smooth to the touch and has no gritty feel that one might expect from a mineral based product.  Not only does it go on evenly but also dries without the tacky, stiff feeling of some sunscreens. It is sheer and some users report that it adds a pale quality to the skin tone. The product makes a great foundation that can be worn under makeup without the feeling of wearing a mask all day long.

Cotz Sunscreen Giveaway

Reviews and Testimonials

If you are still not convinced then perhaps the opinions of hundreds of users might make the difference.  Available through many online outlets, CoTZ Sunscreens are highly rated in customer reviews. Qualities that are praised include the its ease of application, how well it protects and its non-irritating quality.

Finally, CoTZ has gone to some length to create products that are customized for all skin types.  There a formula for the small ones (Baby SPF 40) which adults can use for basic protection. If you prefer a foam application, then look for the Silky Foam product with SPF 40 which comes in both tinted and non-tinted versions. The brand’s FACE formulas come with or without its trademark natural beige tint and its Flawless Complexion product provides added protection with an SPF 50 rating.  To complete the product line up, CoTZ includes an SPF 40 Lip Balm, an SPF 40 Sensitive Skin creme and a PLUS product with one of the highest SPF values (SPF 50) on the market. There is no need to look anywhere else for a quality sunscreen for everyone you know.

CoTZ Sunscreens are available through many online dealers.  In a few days, you can have the sunscreen you need and have it delivered to your home.  With CoTZ sunscreen, you will be able to focus on your trip and not monitor your time in the sun.  Finally, the ‘healthier sunscreen’ gives you a great way to protect your face from aging, damaging UV rays and treat your skin well all at the same time.

When should you wear mineral sunscreen?

Obviously you know that you should wear sunscreen when the sun’s out, but did you know that you should still wear sunscreen in the winter also? Even when it is cloudy and rainy! In fact, when it’s snowing, the sun actually reflects off the snow and hits you back in the face. Therefore, you should wear sunscreen whenever you leave the house.

Best Mineral Sunscreen For Your Face Cotz

How do Mineral Sunscreens Work?

Mineral sunscreens work by reflecting, absorbing, or even scattering the rays of the sun on the skin. In contrast, chemical sunscreens work by absorbing the  UV radiation into the skin. This often causes irritation and other skin reactions as a result of the energy conversion. The COTZ formula reflects the rays of the sun instead of absorbing it into your skin.

Mineral Sunscreen helps with the Prevention of Skin Cancer 

The most common type of skin cancer in the United States is skin cancer. One out of every five Americans will get it as a result of being out in the sun and with sun exposure in general. It is very important that you remember your sunscreen each and every time you head outside, even on overcast and non sunny days.

You will want to wear a protective sunscreen each day as a preventative and protective measure.

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